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Wetland Delineation

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 PDA No longer supported.  See the Android version.

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The following three programs are specifically designed to facilitate the collection and report preparation of Wetland Delineation data using the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Routine Wetland Delineation Forms 1987 and the NEW Regional format that includes the May 2016 NWPL (National Wetland Plant List) updates to the Species Lookup Lists. 

WetForm Desktop allows the user to easily enter and edit data, and produce reports. 

WetForm Android is a highly automated data collector for Android Devices.  This field focused data collection software requires WetForm Desktop to produce reports.  This allows the user to collect data easily in the field then transfer data to WetForm Desktop for editing and report preparation.

Both the Desktop and the Mobile versions have automated species lookup (with synonyms) and automated calculations.  Both versions have hotlinks to the relevant sections of the complete COE Regional Manual, without a network connection.

WetForm for the Desktop, Tablet, and Android have been developed and improved since 2005.  We stay up-to-date on all revisions and releases for all COE Regions. No internet "cloud" computing is necessary, and no annual subscription fee for our products.  Competitive products often do not have Version 2 updates or the extensive species lists that include the older synonyms that you may be more familiar with.  Be sure to check this, along with the list of features listed below when you compare.  WetForm really is the best product to save time and money, get all the calculations right, and even teach yourself how the sample form and factors relate to the COE manual.

User Testimonials (click here)



>>> Click Here for a YouTube Video of the Desktop and Android Wetform Features<<<

1. WetForm Android - all devices including phones and tablets.

WetForm for Android (click here for Google Play where Android software is sold then search on Wetland Delineation)

>>>>[click here for Flash Animated Long Tour]<<<<< 

>>>>[click here for YouTube Long Tour]<<<<<

>>>>[click here for Self-executing Video Long Tour - you may need to bypass security warnings]<<<<<
COE Routine Wetland Delineation Form for Android devices including tablets - Regional version now available for

Atlantic Gulf Coastal Plain - Northeast North Central - Eastern Mountains and Piedmont -  Midwest -  Great Plains -  Arid West -  Western Mountains, Valleys, & Coast Alaska.    All regions are currently available with the May 2016 species updates. Cost is $185.  Note: With the purchase of a license on Google Play, you can install the program on all the devices that log into that same account for no additional fee.  As of July 2016 there are 57 licenses sold, and there are 195 devices running the program.


NEW - WetForm Regional Lookup is a small separate program that also runs on all Android devices including phones and gives you access to the COE manuals and the species lookup lists for all 8 continental US COE regions.  Cost is $18.50.

>>>>[click here for Flash Animated Lookup Quick Tour]<<<<

>>>>[click here for YouTube Lookup Quick Tour]<<<<<

>>>>[click here for Self-executing Video Lookup Tour - you may need to bypass security warnings]<<<<<



2. WetForm for the PDA - No longer supported. We highly recommend that you use the Android version of WetForm, and use the high end GPS units just for recording line work and points.

WetForm for PDA (click for screen shots and TRIAL version) >>>>[click here for Flash Animated Quick Tour]<<<<<
COE Routine Wetland Delineation Form for the PDA (PPC2003-SE, WM5, WM6) - Regional version now available for

Atlantic Gulf Coastal Plain - Northeast North Central - Eastern Mountains and Piedmont -  Midwest -  Great Plains -  Arid West -  Western Mountains, Valleys, & Coast Alaska.   



3. WetForm ACCESS for the Desktop and Tablet (MS Windows only).  You don't have to have Microsoft ACCESS installed, it will run with complete functionality using the FREE Microsoft ACCESS runtime.

WetForm for Desktop and Tablet  with or without ACCESS (click for screen shots)  
>>>>[click here for YouTube WetForm ACCESS Quick Tour]<<<<<

NEW>>> Download a Demonstration RunTime Version of the Interim Version of Northeast / Northcentral Region.  See below for a smaller download if you already have MS ACCESS installed on your computer.

                Demo revised 02-15-2011 - Common name lookup and photograph file dialogue added.   Note: many additional improvements have been made since this video was made.  For example one button can be used to update all records when changes are made to the indicator status of species.  This is especially useful when COE releases updates in the middle of field season, such as the July 2013 updates.

              >>>DEMO - Click here for all Windows XP (SP3), Vista (SP1) (71M)<<<

NOTE:  If you have a Windows 7 or 8 64-bit Operating system with a 32-bit version of any MS Office program like Word, Excel etc., you will need to install the 32-bit version.

              >>>DEMO - Click here for the Windows 7 & 8 32-bit up to MS Office 2010 (190M)  <<<  

              >>>DEMO - Click here for the Windows 7 64-bit up to MS Office 2010 (230M)  <<<

>>>DEMO - Click here for the Windows 7 & 8 & 10 32-bit  for MS Office 2013/2016 (193M)  <<<  

                     >>>DEMO - Click here for the Windows 7 & 8 & 10 64-bit  for MS Office 2013/2016 (256M)  <<<


If you get security warnings, you can establish a safe directory for WetForm by downloading the following file appropriate for your computer, placing it in the C:\WetForm directory, then double clicking it.  The mini-program lets MS ACCESS know that the folder where you executed the mini-program is a Trusted Location.

AddPath2007.exe for Windows XP for Vista  >>>Click here<<<

AddPath2010.exe for Office 2010 and Windows 7 & 8 & 10 >>>Click here<<<

AddPath2013.exe for Office 2013 and Windows 7 & 8 & 10 >>>Click here<<<

AddPath2016.exe for Office 2016 and Windows 7 & 8 & 10 >>>Click here<<<

Extract the zip files anywhere on your computer, then go to the \WFNeNcDemo folder and run the setup.exe file.  This will install the runtime version of ACCESS on your computer and allow you to run the Demo version of WetForm.  The Demo version will be found in the C:\WetForm directory of your computer.  Just double click the file that ends with .accdr.  The Demo version has had the Import/Export buttons disabled, and you can only print out 3 forms without the photographs or maps. The species list can't be changed in the Demo version and the species are for the Caribbean region.  You will get to see how the automated features and the automated logic simplify the process of filling out the forms.  All the other regions work the same way.

If you already have MS ACCESS installed on your computer, you can download this smaller .zip file that does not include the Runtime version of ACCESS.  Extract all of the files to the C:\WetForm subdirectory (that you will need to create).  Then navigate to that subdirectory and double click the file WFNeNcDemo.mdb.

        >>>DEMO - Click here for all Windows computers with MS ACCESS already installed (10M)<<<


Regional WetForm Features.  Recent changes in the standard format for wetland delineation forms have been enacted by COE.  We NOW have the most recent forms for Alaska, Arid West, Western Mountains, Valleys & CoastGreat Plains, MidwestAtlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain, North Central and Northeast, Eastern Mountains and Piedmont, and the Caribbean Island Regions. 

>>>>Click here for link to 16M Google Earth KMZ file with COE Regions Mapped so you can see which region applies to your projects<<<<

These  ACCESS forms are much more detailed and include automated calculations of the Dominance (based on the 50-20 rule) and Prevalence for vegetation as well as FAC-neutral for Hydrology and automation of the final determination based on selections in the Vegetation, Hydrology, and Soils sections. 

No other existing Wetland Delineation Form Software has this complete set of features.

- The automated lookup of species (by Scientific or Common Name), strata, and indicator status are included.  The species lookup is updated to the May 2016 NWPL list and will allow you to look up species using either the old or new nomenclature.  The WetForm regional lists are extensive and include upland as well as wetland species and typically exceed 10,000 taxa.  You can edit the species list easily.

Prior to the new COE regional lists there was a need to change species lists depending on which FWS region you were working in.  That is no longer necessary on the Desktop version or the Android version.  The lists for these now apply to the entire COE region.

- WetForm will allow new versions of the COE/NWPL to be applied to data that you have already entered.  A single button will update all data that you have already entered using a list that has been revised by either the COE, or a list that you have revised.  This is extremely valuable since the COE has published revisions to the lists in the middle of field season (July 2013 for example). 

- Special hot-links on the forms allow quick access to maps that show the appropriate subregions, MLRA's and FWS region for each COE region, as well as the COE subregions to which specific wetland factors apply.  In addition, each factor in the Hydrology and Soils Sections is hotlinked to the section of the COE manual that describes that factor.

- A unique list of species based on all of your data, or a subset of your data, can be automatically generated and output to an Excel file for easy inclusion in a report.

- The incorporation of site photos and maps is included, with easy photo or map file selection using a standard Windows file dialogue window.

- Output from ACCESS to a .pdf format is quick and easy, with easy selection of all, or a subset, of the database.  This allows multiple clients, projects, data collectors, and sample dates to be contained in a single database, but subsets of the data can be printed in any combination of these factors.

- Data can be exported for safe backup, and imported from different sources to be combined in a master data table.  This allows data to be combined from multiple field crews.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about these forms 303-444-4358, or would like to discuss our comparisons with the competition. 

Cost is $400 for each region, with an additional cost of only $80 for each additional computer installation for that region.  NO annual subscription fee, lifetime support is free, and all upgrades are free.  Unlike other programs such as WetCollect and CorpsJD, internet access with your client's data going to an unknown secure server is not required.  All action is autonomous on your own computers.  Data can be entered and edited on the desktop computer without a PDA, and/or you can collect the data in the field with WetForm PDA or WetForm Android

Testimonials (results may vary for different individuals)

I purchased Wetform in 2009.  In addition to sending regular updates with detailed instructions by email, Pat has spent no less than 6 hours on the phone with me over the years, most of which were spent working through problems I had inflicted on myself one way or another – whatever the nature of the issue, Pat has always resolved it, with unfailing patience and good humor.   I’ve never experienced customer service anywhere close to the level he provides… by the way, Wetform is a great product!

 JA 2017   Atlantic Gulf Coastal Plain - Desktop


WetForm is the most incredible time-saving software for wetland professionals.  I have been completing wetland data forms for almost 20 years and it was always the most time consuming part of my reporting.  With the WetForm software I can complete my data sheets in less than half the time that it used to take!  The software automatically does all the dominance and prevalence index calculations, determines all vegetation indicators and the form has links throughout to allow you to go directly to specific sections of the regional supplement for your area.  It is by far the best software available for efficient and accurate data form completion.  

 KA 2016   Northeast North Central & MidWest - Desktop


Outstanding product with great phone and email support and excellent service.  Amazing value in all the updates at no additional cost.

RB 2014   Atlantic Gulf Coastal Plain & Eastern Mountains and Piedmont - Desktop and Android


WetForm from ECOTONE is exactly what I was looking for in software to use in the field and office in order to collect data more efficiently and accurately. Digitization of data point forms for submittal can now be done in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional methods. The software can easily pay for itself with the time saved in the office. Support from the developer is top notch, and is consistently being improved based on customer feedback and changes in the regulatory environment. I highly recommend the product.

SB 2013   Atlantic Gulf Coastal Plain - Desktop and PDA


I have had the pleasure of using WetForm Access and WetForm PDA for the past 6 months now and am extremely pleased with the tremendous time it has saved me with data collection and report preparation. Many of my wetland delineation projects are for transportation clients with hundreds to thousands of acres to delineate sometimes requiring hundreds of dataforms. WetForm has been the most valuable, time savings tool I have for these large projects. In addition to the time savings, Ecotone Corporation has been very helpful teaching me how to use WetForm and is very quick to respond to questions.

 LR 2013   MidWest Desktop and PDA, Northcentral Northeast Desktop


Recently, we have secured large projects that have required hundreds of data points to be documented. The WetForm program has reduced the amount of time spent entering data sheets by at least 50%. Additionally, the drop down menus and automatic check boxes have eliminated mistakes on the data forms. WetForm has saved our clients money and time, while helping improve our work product. For the price, I don't think you can find a better product on the market. Patrick is always available to answer questions and to help troubleshoot. Patrick is also timely on any updates, such as plant lists, and he continues to find ways to improve the product. I recommend WetForm to any consultant or other professional who frequently performs wetland delineations.

 BC 2013   Atlantic Gulf Coastal Plain and Great Plains Desktop


I can't imagine how painful the transition from the old 87 data form to the Regional supplement forms would have been without Wetform and its unsurpassed support as Patrick continues to provide me updates and timely answers to my questions more than four years after the sale.

JE 2013   Atlantic Gulf Coastal Plain Desktop


On our large project we collected data for hundreds of wetlands across hundreds of miles. While the obvious first beauty of WETFORMS is the automated drop down menus, links to the wetland manual, and built in vegetation calculations, WETFORMS really shined in the post-processing. The ability to export/import WETFORM data from Access to Excel and back to Access allowed us to easily integrate the field data with information in our GIS database. We were able to import in differentially corrected plot coordinates and easily correct any soil map unit or Township, Range, Section entry errors. Pat provided excellent and patient customer service as we went from first time use and into more advanced applications.

ED 2013   Arid West and Western Mountain Valleys and Coast Desktop (most licenses running on Trimble Yuma) 


Wetform has given us the ability to generate high quality data forms in less time and more accuracy than other similar products.  Frequent updates and customization based on user-needs makes this our go-to wetland delineation software and would recommend it to anyone. 

ST 2013   Northeast North Central -- Desktop and PDA.


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Bonus for you.

Thanks for reading this far.    Here are some tips on accessing free COE Regions on Google Earth, NWI wetland data, NRCS soils data and FEMA floodplain data.

>>>>Click here for link to 16M Google Earth KMZ file with COE Regions Mapped<<<<

A new (March 2013) one stop site produced by Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM) for NWI data is now available at http://www.aswm.org/wetland-science/wetlands-one-stop-mapping

First a warning. NWI is notorious for getting some details wrong about wetlands. This isn't a fault, the NWI effort is astounding in its magnitude, but accuracy is only so-so.  You can get quick overlays of NWI units on aerials at http://www.fws.gov/wetlands/Data/Mapper.html

Even better, you can go to this site http://www.fws.gov/wetlands/Data/Google-Earth.html and click on the kmz file and you will then have the option to turn the NWI mapping on or off for anywhere you are viewing with Google Earth. If that doesn't blow your mind, you are seriously jaded.

Here is a tip that may be useful to you regarding free soils data from NRCS.  You can get free soil maps from the NRCS for your project area.  You can get to free paper (pdf) maps at: http://websoilsurvey.nrcs.usda.gov/app/HomePage.htm  (click the green Start WSS button, then select the Download Soils Data tab, then select your area of interest or a whole state or county) and you can get to free shape files with attributes that work great on ArcPad, ArcGIS, or AutoCAD at: http://soildatamart.nrcs.usda.gov/ You can download the spatial and data files, and the table muaggatt is the most useful.  Remember that many soil series that are mostly non-hydric have components that are considered hydric.  You can link the table component to muaggatt to get a list of these hydric inclusions. The tables link on the data field mukey (Map Unit Key).  To connect the data to the shape files you need to use the automated .mdb template and import the csv files, then link the mdb to the shape files using the mukey data field.  It is really the soil pit, not the mapping unit, that determines hydric soils.  Call me if you need some help with this.  303-444-4358.

One more tip regarding free FEMA flood plain maps for getting GIS or paper maps with the 100/500 year floodplain defined.  Go to the FEMA Map Service Center by clicking >Here< You can then do a search for your area of interest and download the shape files.

Whenever revisions are finalized by COE, a revised version will be provided without charge. Whenever the National Wetland Plant List is updated a revised species lookup list will be proveded without charge.  You can see the latest species list version by clicking HERE.

You can access the COE updates at: http://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/CivilWorks/RegulatoryProgramandPermits/reg_supp.aspx

Send mail to EcotoneCo@aol.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: April 20, 2016